JMS Sales Inc believes that high-quality homes should be accessible to everybody. We drive with the ideals of honesty and dedication, and preserving these values has allowed us to stay Fleetwood’s number one dealer in the state of California.

We attentively listen to our clients’ requests and provide them with the greatest property construction, contract, or purchase option for their needs and budget. Our cooperative staff works closely with you to plan and execute each procedure.

JMS Sales Inc has onboarded a highly skilled and specialized team that helps you get the most out of your budget to develop long-term relationships.

Dina Velez and Carol Smith

Dina Velez and Carol Smith – Sales Managers, JMS High Desert

Experienced Real Estate Team, Dina Velez and Carol Smith, founders of the Velez/Smith Group, Inc. have served buyers and sellers in and around the High Desert and Inland Empire areas since 2009. Always holding total client satisfaction as their highest priority, they and their staff work hard to make the entire home or land buying and selling experience as productive and enjoyable as possible. Clients working with them never fail to appreciate their compassion, professional integrity and fierce efficiency.

As Short Sale Specialists, Zillow Premier Agents, Land Sales Specialists, Home Land Construction projects, Commercial Sales and Leases; they have the experience and knowledge necessary to handle a wide range of clients and situations.

As sales managers at JMS’ High Desert Office, Dina and Carol teamed up with JMS 7 years ago and together have completed well over 100 projects.

JMS is proud to partner with Dina and Carol and their experienced team of experts to continue to build quality, affordable homes for residents of the high desert.

Jeanne Campos

Knowledgeable in project management and product information, Jeanne’s motto is “Let’s get it done!”. And she does! Adventurer at heart, Jeanne and her husband spend their free time off-roading with their Jeep Club.

Tiago Lima

Born in Portugal, raised in Andorra, and attended college in Bilbao, Spain. Tiago moved to the USA in 2016 and is now established in Pinon Hills, Ca. Tiago’s motto is “There are no problems, only solutions”. Known for going the extra mile with all his clients, Tiago is the definition of a true caring realtor. He won’t address you as his clients, he will address you as his friends.

Lizeth Guerra

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Lizeth is bilingual and fluent in both Spanish and English and specializes in residential and vacant land sales. Her motto is “Will Do!” because she will do everything in her power to get the job done! Lizeth is a social media butterfly, content creator and outdoor adventurer!

Brian Puccio

Serving the areas of the High Desert and San Bernardino counties, Brian has a high level of integrity and always strives for the win-win situation for his clients! Although he will joke about the many hats he wears, he takes pride in all his roles and always does the best he can in each of them! Brian has over seven years experience as a real estate professional and is well equipped to handle any situation with great skill. His motto is “Serving You with Knowledge, Experience, Integrity, and Service”.

Dina Aikens

With a long history in project management, customer service, and technical focus, she is committed to providing you with a quality experience. When in doubt, Ask Dina! An avid technical focus, Dina is a committed reader and hobbyist, when not working, she can always be found with a good book, or researching a new interest.

Jacqueline (Jackie) Malone

Jackie is also a mortgage loan originator with Pacific wholesale mortgage and sales. ‘’Making it happen!!!’’ is her motto because she is always ready to go the extra mile to make it happen for her clients. Whether it be buying, selling or building your new manufactured home, she is ready to make it happen for you! Jackie loves traveling and singing gospel music in churches with her husband Robert and just being a blessing to as many people as she can!! She is at your service for life!

Lucinda (Cindy) Garcia

Previously with Elkhair chiropractic as the massage therapist in therapist in Hesperia, Cindy is now a licensed real estate agent and manufactured home sales person. Knowledgeable in project management and product knowledge. Her motto is “what can I help you with?” Cindy and her husband love hiking with their FIVE rescue dogs, exploring new places and spending time with their grown children and grandchildren.

Jorge Gomez

Jorge is currently the CEO of Power Source Logistics Inc., specializing in the movement of goods for companies such as Target and Amazon. Previously a property and project manager for investors in the Inland Empire, Jorge is billingual and fluent in Spanish. His motto is “making dreams a reality” and he is ready to help you make your home buying dreams a reality.

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